10 Best Cashews In The World Reviews & Guide in 2022

Best Cashews In The World

Best Cashews In The World

In the recent few years, cashews have gained popularity as a snack food. This is because of their health benefits and taste. They are also very versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes from cakes to salads. Another reason for their popularity is that they are easy to store and keep for longer periods of time than other nuts.

There are many brands that sell cashews, but not all of them are as good as others. Some brands may be expensive but offer poor quality products while others may be cheap but produce high-quality cashews. To help you make an informed choice when buying cashews.

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This brand offers the highest quality cashews in the world today. Their cashews are roasted using traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation for over 300 years. The cashew tree naturally produces sweet and flavorful fruits at different times during its life cycle so there is no need for artificial flavorings or other unnatural ingredients used in their production process.

1.Happy Belly Cashews


  • Flavor : Cashews, 44 oz
  • Brand : Happy Belly
  • Allergen Information : Cashews
  • Weight : 44 Ounces
  • Item Form : Whole

Cashews are a long-time favorite snack food. They are packed with protein and healthy fats, making them a good source of energy. They also have many health benefits including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, improving digestion and increasing the body’s absorption of calcium. Happy Belly Cashews are premium quality cashews that are roasted and salted with sea salt for a rich, distinct taste. They’re perfect for snacking or baking.

These cashews come in a stand-up resealable bag that keeps them fresh until your next craving hits! The 44-ounce bag contains one pound of Happy Belly Fancy Whole Cashews.

Happy Belly Fancy Whole Cashews have a delicate flavor and a firm texture for a rich, distinct taste. These premium whole cashews are roasted and salted with sea salt for an irresistible taste you’ll want to savor over and over again!

2.Fisher Snack Oven Roasted Never Fried Whole Cashews


  • Brand : Fisher Snack
  • Allergen Information : Tree Nuts, Peanuts may contain
  • Weight : 24 Ounces
  • Item Form : Roasted
  • Package Weight : 0.76 Kilograms

Fisher Snack Nuts are a delicious and crunchy snack that are easy to eat on the go. They come in a variety of flavors, including cashews, almonds, pecans and peanuts. The nuts are roasted in small batches with no added oils or salts – just 100% nuts!

Contains 1- 24 Ounce reusable canister of Fisher Snack Oven Roasted Never Fried Whole Cashews.Savory, whole cashews, oven roasted and touched with sea salt for a clean, fresh taste. These nuts are Non-GMO Project verified with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Only the good stuff, nothing added. Our Oven Roasted Never Fried nuts are made with two simple ingredients, nuts and sea salt, to help you curb your next craving for a crunch.

Fisher Snack Nuts are packed with wholesome goodness, rich flavor, and that signature crunch you crave. Our family size jars are a must have for your pantry, dorm room, or work station.

For 100 years, Fisher Nuts has been committed to bringing their customers the highest quality nuts. We oversee the whole journey of our products, from orchard to our classic.

3.PLANTERS Deluxe Lightly Salted Whole Cashews


  • Brand : Planters
  • Allergen Information : Peanuts, Cashews, Tree Nuts
  • Weight : 18.25 Ounces
  • Item Form : Whole
  • Package Weight : 0.58 Kilograms

Salt is a seasoning that is found in many different dishes. It is commonly used to flavor food and can be used as a preservative. There are many different types of salt available on the market, but we will discuss just two: table salt and sea salt.

Table salt is refined and processed so it contains no minerals such as iodine or magnesium. Sea salt is made by evaporating seawater. In some cases, this process can be done naturally, while other times it is done by using machines which speed up the process.

The main differences between table salt and sea salt are their flavors and colors, their mineral content, and the way they are processed. Table salt has a more intense salty flavor compared to sea salts because it doesn’t contain any minerals like iodine or magnesium that may be found in sea salts; however, these minerals aren’t really necessary for health purposes so this isn’t really an issue for most people. Sea salts also tend to have a darker color than table.

4.Hansia Organic Raw Whole and Unsalted Cashews


  • Flavor : Original
  • Brand : Hansia
  • Specialty :
  • Cashew nut is selected and harvested directly from the clean raw material areas of Hanfimex Group in Binh Phuoc
  • Package Weight : 1.15 Kilograms

Hansia Organic Raw Whole and Unsalted Cashews are a delicious and nutritious snack that is free from added salt, preservatives and GMOs. The cashews are made from the finest quality shelled cashew nuts which are grown in Vietnam.

The cashews have a rich, creamy flavor that goes well with any type of cuisine, from Asian to Western. They can also be eaten as a healthy snack or used as an ingredient in many recipes. The cashews are unsalted so they can be stored for months without going bad.

Each bag contains 10 ounces (283 grams) of whole unsalted Vietnamese cashews. They are packaged in resealable bags so you can keep them fresh longer by putting on the lid after each use. The bags can also be used for storing other nuts and seeds if you don’t want to use them all at once!

5.Jaybee’s Nuts Honey Roasted Cashews


  • Brand : Jaybee’s Nuts
  • Weight : 2 Pounds
  • Package Weight : 1.42 Kilograms

The cashewnut is a tree nut that grows on trees in the genus Anacardium. It is commercially harvested in tropical and subtropical regions, primarily in Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. Cashew nuts are used in many cuisines, and they are also sold roasted and salted or spiced as a snack food. The nut’s shell contains an oil which can be poisonous unless removed prior to consumption.

Cashew nuts must be processed before consumption by removal of this toxic shell. The shell (lacking the toxic resin) provides a hard thin shell for the edible nut inside. The cashew apple or cashew fruit (or simply cashew) is edible raw but has a sticky latex-like rind which needs to be removed prior to consumption.

The inside kernel of the nut consists of two halves separated by a rigid pericarp containing an oval seed with three cotyledons (embryonic leaves), which have an oil-rich outer layer that is commercially milled as what we call cashews butter or cashew milk (the rich emulsion extracted from macerating.

6.PLANTERS Salted Cashews


  • Brand : Planters
  • Allergen Information :
  • Almonds, Peanuts, Walnut, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Nuts
  • Item Form : Roasted
  • Package Weight : 0.88 Kilograms
  • Variety : Cashews

PLANTERS Salted Cashews are a delicious snack for those who love cashews. These cashews are a convenient way to enjoy an on-the-go snack or a quick bite of something salty. They’re also great for use in recipes as well as for entertaining guests or family during gatherings at home.

These salted cashew nuts come in a package of 18 individual serving bags, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Each bag contains 1.5 ounces of cashews, making them perfect for snacking on the go. The individual serving size bags mean there’s no sharing necessary, which means more cashews for you!

PLANTERS Salted Cashews are also kosher certified, which means they meet strict guidelines set forth by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU). This ensures that they’re prepared according to specific standards and ingredients set forth by this religious organization.

7.365 by Whole Foods Market, Cashews Dry Roasted & Salted Organic


  • Flavor : Salted
  • Brand : 365 by Whole Foods Market
  • Allergen Information : Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Peanuts
  • Weight : 10 Ounces
  • Item Form : Dried

365 by Whole Foods Market products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling, virtual aisles too! Our huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

We’re passionate about health and wellness, and we believe that food is medicine (or should be). We want to share our passion with you. We want to help you feel good about what you eat and how it makes you feel. And we want to inspire you to cook more often at home.

365 by Whole Foods Market is not just another store. It’s an experience that combines fun and adventure with the products you need for healthy living. So step into our store today, browse our online selection, or download our app for an even better experience!

8.Emerald Nuts, Whole Cashews 


  • Flavor : Roasted & Salted Cashews
  • Brand : Emerald
  • Allergen Information : Peanuts, Tree Nuts
  • Weight : 5 Ounces
  • Item Form : Roasted

Emerald Nuts Whole Cashews Roasted & Salted are made with only the finest, non-GMO verified ingredients. Each pack of nuts has 5g of protein to help power your day. They’re roasted to perfection and have a buttery, creamy texture that will leave you wanting more.

When you open up this resealable bag of cashews, you’re greeted with a delicious aroma that makes your mouth water. These whole cashews are roasted to perfection and salted just enough to enhance their flavor without being overpowering. Each nutty bite is an explosion of flavor in your mouth!

Cashews are a great source of potassium, iron and magnesium all essential minerals that help support metabolism, energy production and muscle function.* Just one serving (1 oz) of Emerald Nuts Whole Cashews Roasted & Salted contains 7% DV iron plus 4% DV magnesium.

If you’re looking for a better-for-you snack that satisfies your cravings without sacrificing quality or taste, then look no further than Emerald Nuts Whole Cashews Roasted & Salted!

9.Food to Live Raw Cashews


  • Flavor : Conventional
  • Brand : Food to Live
  • Item Form : Whole
  • Specialty : Vegan
  • Package Weight : 0.11 Kilograms

Cashews are native to South America and are a dense, rich-flavored tree nut. Cashews grow on trees that can reach up to 50 feet tall, with leaves that can be as long as 10 feet. The cashews are found in the fleshy fruit at the end of the cashew apple.

Cashew nuts come from the cashew apple, which isn’t really an apple but rather a tropical fruit that looks like an apple but is more closely related to poison ivy than apples. The cashew apple has an extremely toxic sap that causes a rash when touched by people who are allergic or sensitive to it. However, it is safe for people who aren’t allergic or sensitive to touch or eat without any problems whatsoever.

Cashews can be eaten raw or roasted, although roasted cashews tend to have a richer flavor than raw ones do. Roasted cashews are often salted, but unsalted varieties are available as well if you prefer them unsalted over salted varieties. Unsalted roasted cashews offer you more control over your salt intake than salted ones do simply because they don’t contain any added.

10.Beyond Organic Raw Whole Unsalted Cashews 


  • Flavor : Raw Whole Cashews
  • Brand : Beyond
  • Allergen Information : Non-GMO
  • Weight : 3 Pounds
  • Item Form : Raw

Beyond Organic’s promise is to bring you non-GMO, 100% organic, fair trade cashews. They are always raw, never roasted and never salted. They are also vegan-friendly and kosher-certified for those who follow these diets. Beyond Organic Raw Whole Cashews are a great protein snack alternative or add them to salads, smoothies or desserts for an extra crunch!

Our cashews come from local farmers in Vietnam who have been working with us for years. We pay them a fair price for their products, which means they can provide for their families and send their children to school. In fact, 10% of all profits go towards community projects to support the cashew farmers.

Things to consider before buying a best cashews in the world

Cashews are one of the most popular types of nuts in the world, and for good reason. They’re delicious! But if you’ve ever gone shopping for cashews, you know that there are many different options. Some cashews are salted, some are unsalted. They’re sold in different sizes and shapes, from bags to tins. And there’s another important factor to consider: The best ones come from Brazil or Africa.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about buying cashews, including how they grow and how to tell if they’re fresh (and not moldy). Lastly, we’ll review some of the best brands we found on Amazon all of which have excellent reviews—so that you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.


The size of the cashew is important. It affects the flavor, price and number of cashews you can eat in one sitting.

Cashews are sold in a wide range of sizes, from small, medium and large to jumbo. The smaller ones have a more intense taste than larger ones do because their flavors have been concentrated due to fewer nutrients being washed out during growing and harvesting them (compared to bigger nuts).

But smaller nuts also cost more per pound than big ones do because there are fewer nutrients for them to contain; so if you’re on a budget or concerned about your health then it would be best for you not buy these! On the other hand—if your goal is simply consuming as much deliciousness as possible then go ahead an get yourself some top dollar jumbo seeds!


While we could argue that a cashew is just a cashew, some varieties are better than others. For example, what makes one type of cashew better than another?

A few things to be aware of when comparing different types of cashews:

  • Count. How many are in a serving? Are you looking for a bag or do you need more per pound? This can make all the difference!
  • Portions. What portion size is best for your needs? Some people prefer less nuts per container and others want more nuts in each serving.
  • Weight (and volume). Is it sold by weight or by volume? How much does it weigh? If so, how many times do you have to eat this product before you’ve eaten enough nuts to equal one pound—or whatever unit of measurement is used on the label (grams/kilograms).


Packaging is an important aspect to consider, as it ensures that your cashews are fresh and free from chemicals. Make sure that the packaging is airtight, so that no moisture can get in and spoil the product. If you find a bag of cashews with a code on it, this means they were processed after being harvested and sold commercially.

Avoid buying packaged cashew nuts if they have been preserved with preservatives or artificial colors; this could alter their flavor and make them less nutritious than natural ones.

Roasted or Raw

Roasted or raw. Cashews come in roasted and raw varieties, but you should decide which you want to buy before purchasing. One thing to keep in mind is that the roasted variety has a crunchier texture and more intense flavor than its counterpart.

It’s also often used in baking, which makes it even more appealing for some people. In addition to this, it has a longer shelf life than raw cashews since they’ve been processed after they’re harvested (roasting simply adds another step before packaging).

Organic or Non-Organic

Organic cashews are grown without pesticides, while non-organic ones obviously aren’t. If you’re concerned about what goes into your body, then it’s probably worth paying extra for organic. However, if you don’t care too much about what your food is treated with, or if you’re on a budget and can’t afford the extra cost of organic cashews (which tend to be more expensive), then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go with non-organic ones instead.

Organically Grown vs GMO (Genetically Modified). If a product says it’s “GMO free” or “non-GMO” this means that it hasn’t been genetically modified in any way by scientists splicing genetic material from one species into another species’ DNA sequence.

But conversely if something says “organically grown” then there has been no need for genetic modification at all because everything used in its production was grown naturally – so if one day they decide they want to genetically modify their crops too but don’t know how yet then this won’t affect them either way!


Cashews are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6 and magnesium, which can help to support good heart health and maintain stable levels of blood sugar. They also contain a wide array of antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation in the body. Depending on how you eat them, cashews may be able to offer some protection against cardiovascular disease, cancer and other conditions associated with oxidative stress.

That said, we recommend sticking to raw or lightly roasted cashews rather than cooking them in oil over high heat for too long. This can destroy some of their health benefits!

As said previously, cashews come in a variety of flavors and textures. Although they are similar in shape and size, their tastes vary considerably depending on the different growing conditions, processing methods used during harvesting and drying stages as well as storage methods that were followed after processing.

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