How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 on Roku

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 on Roku

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 on Roku

If you are a fan of the TV show Yellowstone and want to watch it, you are in luck. This is because there is no shortage of streaming services that will let you watch the show on their platform.

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However, before we get into details about these platforms, let us first discuss what this show actually is all about.

What is Yellowstone?

Yellowstone follows the lives of various characters living in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. The characters included in this show include those who work at the park as well as people who live outside it yet have an interest in its activities. In short, this show gives us an insight into what happens behind the scenes of one of America’s most popular tourist destinations!

Download the paramount network app

To watch Yellowstone, you need the Paramount Network app on your Roku. It’s also available on platforms such as iOS or Android phones and tablets, as well as on your computer or smart TV.

On Roku:

  • Open the Channel Store by pressing “OK” on your remote control to bring up the main menu of channels.
  • Scroll down until you see “Premium Channels” under “Pay-Per-View & Subscription Services” in the top right corner of the screen (it looks like a credit card). Press “OK” again to navigate into this section.
  • Select “Add Channel” from either My Channels or Featured Categories at any time to begin adding a channel manually.

Search for Yellowstone Season 4

To find and watch Yellowstone season 4 on Roku:

  • On your phone or tablet, go to the Roku Channel Store.
  • In the search bar, type “Yellowstone”.
  • Click on Yellowstone to select it. The show will appear as a banner across the top of your screen with its title and episode number.

Click on the show and start watching it

To watch Yellowstone on Roku, you need a few things:

  • A Roku device (the one I have is the Roku Ultra)
  • The subscription to the channel you want to watch (in this case it’s Epix)
  • Access to an Internet connection


Yellowstone season 4 is available on Roku. You can find it with a free trial of Sling tv or you can pay for the subscription.

Takeaway: You can watch Yellowstone on Roku with Sling TV’s free 7-day trial, which includes access to all channels, including live sports and news channels like ESPN2, CNN, and AMC. After your trial ends, you’ll be given the option to continue your membership at $25 per month (plus taxes) – or cancel altogether!

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