10 Best Cajun Seasoning Brand Reviews & Guide in 2022

Best Cajun Seasoning Brand

Cajun seasoning is a coarsely ground spice blend. It’s similar to Creole seasoning in that it’s a mix of different spices, but cajun seasoning tends to have more heat.

Some recipes for this spice blend call for paprika, but we’ve found that paprika doesn’t add much flavor. When we make our own cajun seasoning recipe, we use smoked paprika instead.

There are many different brands of cajun seasoning on the market today, and they are all quite good. However, we prefer the taste of Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning Blend to any other brand we’ve tried.

This spice mix has a complex flavor with just enough heat to make your mouth tingle without being too spicy. It has lots of garlic powder as well as onion powder and parsley flakes for an extra punch of flavor that you won’t find in most other brands.

1.Slap Ya Mama All Natural Cajun Seasoning


  • Brand : “SLAP YA MAMA”
  • Flavor : Variety
  • Package Information : Cans
  • Package Weight : 0.78 Kilograms

Slap Ya Mama All Natural Cajun Seasoning is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to cook with Cajun food. This set includes 1 cajun original, 1 hot cajun, and 1 white pepper seasonings.

Slap Ya Mama Original Blend Cajun Seasoning 8oz is a great mixture of spices that can be used on any dish. Not too spicy and full of flavor, everyone will love how it enhances their food!

Slap Ya Mama’s Hot Blend of spicy seasoning is sure to set your mouth on fire, but at the same time it will add that unique Cajun cooking flavor to any dish.

Slap Ya Mama White Pepper Blend is an excellent Cajun blend for those who can’t or don’t want to consume black pepper. It’s a little spicier than the original blend and provides a unique taste because of the use of the white pepper. It’s perfect on seafood!

2.McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning


  • Brand : McCormick Gourmet
  • Weight : 0.38 Pounds
  • Specialty : Vegetarian, Kosher, Vegan
  • Package Weight : 0.18 Kilograms
  • Variety : Garlic

McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning is the perfect blend of peppers, onions, garlic and herbs. Use it to spice up your favorite Cajun dishes, like gumbo or jambalaya.

The premium quality of McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning means your family will enjoy superior flavor every time they sit down at the table. All-natural ingredients mean you can feel good about serving this blend to your loved ones.

The versatile McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning is ideal for meat, seafood and other Cajun favorites. Try it on grilled chicken breasts or pork chops for a delicious meal that takes just minutes to prepare!

3.Louisiana Fish Fry Cajun Seasoning 8 Oz


  • Brand : Louisiana Fish Fry Products
  • Flavor : Cajun
  • Item Form : Powder
  • Package Weight : 0.52 Kilograms

Cajun Seasoning is a blend of spices that will add delicious flavor to your foods. It’s excellent for fish, chicken and pork. This seasoning complements all kinds of meats, seafood and vegetables.

Our Cajun Fish Fry is made with paprika, garlic and onion powder, oregano and other herbs and spices. It contains no MSG or artificial ingredients.

We recommend using our Cajun Fish Fry on fried catfish or shrimp, but it can also be used on other seafood dishes that are cooked in oil such as crab cakes or oysters Rockefeller. Some people even use it as a spice rub on meat before grilling or baking!

This Cajun seasoning is also great for adding some heat to your favorite vegetable side dishes such as baked potatoes and green beans. You can also use this spice mix to make homemade gumbo or jambalaya!

4.Badia Louisiana Cajun Seasoning


  • Brand : Badia
  • Weight : 23 Ounces
  • Package Weight : 0.79 Kilograms
  • Item Form : Powder

Badia Cajun Seasoning is a great addition to any kitchen. This seasoning is made from only premium ingredients and has a rich, flavorful taste. It’s perfect for meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and even pasta dishes.

The resealable bottle makes it easy to use the seasoning without worrying about losing any of it. Simply open the top and sprinkle directly onto your food. When you’re done, simply close the lid to keep the spices fresh until you need them again.

This large 23 oz container makes Badia Cajun Seasoning easy to store in your pantry or cupboard before using it on your favorite recipes.

5.Frontier Cajun Seasoning Certified Organic


  • Brand : Frontier
  • Flavor : Authentic Louisana flavor
  • Weight : 2.08 Ounces
  • Package Information : Bottle
  • Specialty : Organic

The best spice blend for your favorite dishes is here. Frontier Cajun Seasoning is a certified organic spice blend made with all natural ingredients. This cajun seasoning is perfect for adding that special kick to soups, meats, grains and beans.

You can rest assured that this organic spice blend contains no artificial colors or flavors, plus it’s non-irradiated. The spices used in our organic spice blends are grown in the USA and are tested by third party laboratories to meet our high quality standards.

We’re a member owned co-op, responsible to people and planet. We’re part of a new kind of business model that values people before profits. That’s what makes us different from other companies.

6.McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning


  • Brand : McCormick Gourmet
  • Weight : 0.38 Pounds
  • Specialty : Vegetarian, Kosher, Vegan
  • Package Weight : 0.18 Kilograms
  • Variety : Garlic

McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning is a spicy, hot blend of peppers, onions, garlic and herbs. This premium quality all-natural spice mix is perfect for seasoning meat, seafood and other Cajun favorites.

McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning blends the heat of red pepper with the sweetness of onion, garlic and bell peppers to create a spicy-hot blend that’s great on chicken or fish. It’s also terrific on vegetables or rice dishes.

The key to making delicious Cajun cuisine is starting with the right seasonings. McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning uses all-natural ingredients to give you superior flavor in every bite.

7.OLD BAY Seasoning 24 oz


  • Brand : Old Bay
  • Flavor : Original
  • Weight : 1.65 Pounds
  • Specialty : Vegetarian, Kosher, Vegan
  • Vitamins And Minerals : 140 Milligrams

OLD BAY Seafood Seasoning is a classic blend of 18 herbs and spices that has been used for over 75 years. OLD BAY is an all-purpose seasoning perfect for chicken, seafood or snacks like chips, french fries or popcorn.

The flavor profile of OLD BAY is unique and memorable. It’s a blend of 18 herbs and spices that has been used by home cooks and professional chefs for more than 75 years! This versatile seasoning can be sprinkled on any dish to add a burst of flavor. With its bold taste, it’s no wonder why OLD BAY is one of America’s most popular seasonings!

OLD BAY Seafood Seasoning features a unique blend of 18 herbs and spices including red pepper, paprika, celery salt, bay leaves and black pepper. It’s perfect for sprinkling on fish fillets before grilling or baking them in the oven. Try making some OLD BAY Fish Sticks! You can also use this seasoning on hamburgers or grilled chicken breasts!

8.Cajun Seasoning Culinary Blend


  • Brand : Unpretentious BAKER
  • Package Weight : 0.46 Kilograms
  • Variety : Oregano,Thyme,Paprika

Cajun Seasoning is a delicious blend of spices, herbs and other ingredients that can be used to season a wide variety of dishes. This Cajun Spice blend is great for seasoning any dish from fish to chicken, pork to veggies. The Cajun blend will give your food a spicy kick with a rich, deep flavor. The blend is made in Louisiana by the Unpretentious Baker brand.

The Unpretentious Baker culinary dry rub blends are ideal additions for southern cuisine. They are created by hand in small batches using all natural ingredients such as salt, paprika, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme and more! You will love how these spices enhance your favorite dishes with a rich Cajun flavor!

This particular blend contains dried oregano and thyme which give it an earthy flavor. It also contains paprika which gives it a nice color. I use this seasoning on chicken, steak, shrimp and vegetables like broccoli and potatoes. It really goes well with fish too! Add this to your pantry today!

9.Traeger Grills SPC172 Coffee Rub


  • Brand : Traeger
  • Flavor : Coffee
  • Package Information : Can
  • Package Weight : 0.3 Kilograms

This is a great tasting cooking seasoning that features coffee and black pepper flavors. It is compatible with a wide variety of meats including beef and vegetables. The rub comes in an easy to store aluminum tin container. You can store it on your kitchen countertop, pantry shelf, or even in your cabinet drawer. This product is kosher, gluten free, and GMO free. It is made in the USA.

The SPC172 Coffee Rub from Traeger Grills is the perfect BBQ rub to complement your beef or veggies! Use this rub to season any meat you grill. The delicious coffee flavor makes for one incredible tasting meal!

This rub comes in a stackable aluminum tin container for easy storage. You can store it on your kitchen countertop, pantry shelf, or even in your cabinet drawer. This product is kosher, gluten free, and GMO free. It is made in the USA.

10.Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper 2.89 oz


  • Brand : Simply Organic
  • Weight : 0.18 Pounds
  • Specialty : Organic
  • Package Weight : 0.25 Kilograms
  • Variety : Chili

Cayenne pepper is a perennial shrub native to South America. It’s also known as chile pepper, chili pepper, paprika, red pepper and hot pepper.

Cayenne pepper is an aromatic spice made from the dried berries of Capsicum annuum. It has a very sharp, spicy flavor that’s hot enough to make your eyes water. It’s used in many cuisines around the world and its heat can be used to add flavor or as a seasoning for foods like soups, stews and sauces.

You can find cayenne powder in most grocery stores; it’s often sold alongside other seasonings such as paprika and curry powder. You can also buy cayenne in its fresh form (usually sold in bunches), which you can use to make homemade salsa or chili sauce at home.

Things to consider before buying a best cajun seasoning brand


Cajun seasoning is a spice mixture used to season food. It is a blend of herbs and spices with some salt, which gives it its distinctive flavor.

Cajun seasoning differs from other savory blends in that most Louisiana cuisine recipes call for the use of cayenne pepper as a key ingredient, along with paprika and dried thyme. The ingredients vary depending on personal preferences but generally include salt, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper (or white), cayenne pepper, celery seed or celery salt (optional), oregano, thyme (or bay leaves)


You should also check if the brand you are thinking of buying contains any allergens like artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugar or salt. If it does, then it’s better to go for another brand that doesn’t contain such allergens.

You can also find out if the cajun seasoning has any gluten in it by reading its ingredient list carefully. In addition to these checks, you should also make sure that your cajun seasoning brand doesn’t contain MSG since this would cause an unpleasant reaction in some people who consume it regularly because of their sensitivity to this ingredient.


Price can be an important factor in your decision to purchase a particular brand of seasoning. It’s a good indicator of how much you will use the product and how long it will last, but that doesn’t mean that the most expensive cajun seasoning brand is always the best choice.

As with any other product, what you pay for is up to you and your budget!


The quantity is important because you can’t use it all at once. If you have a lot of different recipes that require Cajun seasoning and you don’t want to buy this product every month, then make sure that the brand has the right amount for your needs.

The quantity should be enough for you to use for a long time. It’s great if your favorite cajun seasoning brand has an affordable price tag, but it doesn’t really matter if its size isn’t large enough?

You don’t want to spend extra money on something that will run out before you have used all of its contents. This means that buying more than one container may not pay off in the long run! It also makes sense if we consider what happens when we buy smaller bottles: they tend to sit around longer than necessary…

Brand Name

When it comes to buying the best cajun seasoning brand, you need to consider a brand that has been in the industry for a long time. This is because it will give you peace of mind knowing that they have come with innovative ideas and products over time. Their products will be high quality and taste good too. The best example of this is Louisiana Brand Cajun Seasoning which has been around since 1960s and still going strong today.

A good brand is important to buy the best cajun seasoning

The best cajun seasoning brands offer a complex blend of seasonings that you’ll have to work hard to replicate on your own.

While there are many options for spices and seasonings, not all of them will give you the same results as a well-made brand. If you’re looking for something that is going to be able to add flavor to your recipes and leave people saying “this is delicious,” then it’s important that you look for something with a high quality.


Now that you’ve learned about all the best cajun seasonings, it’s time for us to wrap up. Here are some final thoughts for you:

  • The bottom line is that if you want your chicken and fish to taste great, then use Thunderbird Seasoning!
  • You should really try out this new seasoning brand called “Thunderbird”. It’s going in a lot of stores now and I think it will be successful… at least as much as something can be successful in this day and age (but still).
  • So when it comes down to it, if you’re looking for something that tastes good on everything–and we mean everything–then go with another brand. My personal favorite is Thunderbird Seasoning because they have so many different flavors which I enjoy experimenting with every day!
  • Here are some tips on how to buy the best Cajun seasoning: look for a brand that offers free samples and make sure they have a good reputation. Make sure you check out reviews before purchasing any product so that you avoid being scammed. Look for products with high-quality ingredients like organic herbs and spices in them, not artificial flavoring agents.

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