10 Best Solar Lights For Pool Area in 2022 Reviews & Guide

Best Solar Lights For Pool Area

Best Solar Lights For Pool Area

The best solar lights for pool area is a great choice for people who want the convenience of having their own personal source of light. They are also good for those who just want some extra light around the house.

One of the advantages to these lights is that they are portable and easy to carry around. They can be used in any room and place you need them, which makes them great for any number of occasions, including camping trips or other outdoor activities where you might find yourself without electricity.

solar lights can be purchased at most home improvement stores or online. Most come with a standard rechargeable battery, but if you want one that lasts longer or charges faster than others, there are many options available in this type as well.

1. Esuper Floating Pool Lights Inflatable


  • Product Dimensions : 14 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight : 15.8 ounces
  • Manufacturer : Esuper
  • Item model number : CT-800
  • Batteries : 1 AA batteries required.

The Esuper Floating Pool Light Inflatable is an inflatable solar powered light ball. The pool light comes in two different sizes, 15 inches and 11.8 inches in diameter. The lights are waterproof, energy-saving and long working life.

The light is easy to blow up and no batteries are needed for the pool lights. This makes the light long lasting without having to replace batteries often. You can place the pool balls anywhere there is direct sunlight to keep them charged and powered on at night when you go swimming in your pool or hot tub.

The lights are suitable for decoration and illumination for swimming pool, pond, aquarium, garden, fountain and etc. You can use the lights as decorations or just to have a little more light in your pool when it gets dark out at night time.

2.Blibly Swimming Pool Lights


  • Light fixture form : Path
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage : Outdoor, Indoor
  • Power Source : Solar Powered
  • Room Type : Patio
  • Brand : Blibly

The Blibly floating solar light is a great lighting choice for your pool. It’s fully charged by solar power for about 8 hours. The battery is built-in it and it absorbs solar energy during the day and lighting up at night. The solar light much more energy efficient than LED food lighting.

The color changing lights are very bright and can be seen from a distance. The remote control allows you to choose from 16 different colors and 4 modes with the press of a button, making it easy to change the mood as you please.

High quality material make sure that this floating light can float on the water without sinking. Besides, the waterproof grade reaches up to IP68, so the pool light can be used indoors and outdoors, even on rainy days or swimming pool.

In order to improve its performance, we added a small piece of sponge in the internal battery compartment to prevent water from entering into it when it floats on the water surface.

3.ionlyou Smart Outdoor Solar Lights


  • Light fixture form : Path
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage : Outdoor
  • Power Source : Solar
  • Material : Plastic

The solar disk lights automatically change the RGB color when you pass 6 inch above the solar lights, it will automatically change to warm white mode after 15s. This product is really good for decoration your garden or yard.

The solar garden lights have 18 LED lights,12 warm white lights and 6 RGB lights. Suiting for various environments, decoration and four seasons. Also everyone has 18 LEDs to provide 180LM brightness.

These solar pathway lights with 18 pcs LEDs, built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery, it only needs 6-8 hours to be fully charged and can last for 10-12 hours working time.These Solar lights automatically turn on in darkness or at night and turn off in daytime or bright area.It can illuminate Above 10 hours with 6-8 hours of charging.

Advanced Waterproof Design: IP67 waterproof rating ensures that your 3 LED disk lights can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions; No worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet; Durable ABS material makes the solar ground light much more durable and sturdy than other similar lights

Easy to install: Simply push the stake into the soil where it’s exposed to sunlight and make sure the device faces directly to the sun so that it can work normally.

4.BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights


  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage : Outdoor, Indoor
  • Power Source : Solar Powered
  • Room Type : Garden
  • Color : Blue
  • Brand : BeTIM

Solar Powered and Waterproof:The solar powered lights are charged through the day by exposure to sunlight. The solar panel supports long-term usage, and the lights can work continuously for 8-10 hours at night if the panel absorbs enough sunshine during the day. Attach the stake to the light then press it into the soil,easy to install, no wiring required.Waterproof IP68,perfect for pool decoration (Not Floating).

Color Changing:The color changing solar lights automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, and they have a switch on the back to control their modes (blink/steady). They are gentle and comfortable slow flash transformation (Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White,Orange and Purple) in the dark. Light up your pool or pond with a romantic magic atmosphere!

Suitable for applying in ponds, pools, reservoirs, lakes,parks or any other indoor or outdoor environment. It is also perfect as an accent light illuminating your home flower beds, garden pathway or patio decor.

5.GAME Underwater Show Pool Lights


  • Brand : GAME
  • Model Name : Battery-Powered Color LED Lights,
  • Color : Gray
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.75 Pounds

GAME’s Solar Underwater Light Show adds a light show to your pool that is sure to bring the fun. This floating light show features 7 different color modes and can be used in both above-ground and inground pools. This unit is solar powered, so you will never have to worry about batteries. The solar panel on top of the unit recharges the internal battery automatically during the day. The unit turns off and on automatically at night, or can be manually turned on or off using the button on the unit. It’s incredibly durable, made out of high-impact plastic, and will last for years.

Product Features:

DURABLE SOLAR UNDERWATER POOL LIGHT : The GAME Solar Underwater Light Show Pool Light is a durable and long-lasting device that delivers fun and festive décor for an above- or inground pool.

7 CHANGING LIGHT MODES: This floating in-pool lights set features 7 changing light modes that shuffle and change on their own during use.

CONVENIENT AUTO ON/OFF: The GAME LED Solar Underwater Light Show comes with a convenient automatic on/off system.

6.Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light


  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage : Indoor
  • Power Source : Solar-Powered
  • Material : Vinyl
  • Style : Modern
  • Special Feature : Color Changing

The Rukars Floating Ball Pool Light Solar Powered 4 PCS, 14 Inch Inflatable Hangable IP68 Waterproof Rechargeable Color Changing Led Glow Globe Pool is the perfect addition to my pool. As the days are getting shorter and the nights are starting to get longer, I’m looking for ways to enjoy my pool well into the night.

These lights are a great way to do that! These light up balls that float on the water in my above ground pool are so cool! They work so amazing at night when everyone is swimming. They change colors as they float around the pool and really bring a new level of awesome to my pool party!

I attached these floating balls in my pool and then I used the remote control to set them all on different colors. The remote can be used to control each ball individually or you can use it to control all of them at once. It’s really an awesome way to change up the look of my pool from time to time.

The balls are rechargeable and they glow at night for up to 8 hours, which makes them perfect for any party that goes late into the night. They charge during the day when they are in direct sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about charging.

7. GAME Solar Lights


  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage : Outdoor
  • Power Source : Battery-powered
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Switch Installation Type : Wall Mount
  • Color : Blue

Brightest & Most Durable Solar Deck Lights on the Market: Unlike other solar lights, these are designed with the highest quality materials including a durable ABS shell and highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panels. These solar lights will keep illuminating for 10-12 hours, much longer than other similar lights.

Charge Faster & Work Longer: The new bigger solar panel is more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. These upgraded solar deck lights can run up to 12 hours (compared to 8 hours of other brands) depending on how much sunshine they receive during the day.

Highly Waterproof & Durable: IP68 waterproof level makes it suitable for outdoor use. It can withstand rain, snow and frost without any damage. The high quality ABS+PC material make it durable enough for using many years.

Easy To Install: No wires needed, turn on the switch under the cap and push the stake into the soil, it just takes a few seconds to finish the installation.

8. SOLMORE Solar Lights


  • Light Source Type : LED
  • Theme : Clouds
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage : Outdoor
  • Power Source : Solar Powered
  • Color : Multicolor
  • Brand : GAME
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches

I bought a pack of these Solar Lights by Solmore and they are amazing! I love solar lights but so many of them don’t work after one season. I have to replace them every year or they just stop working. I bought these hoping they would be different, and they are! They go on at dusk and stay on all night long. They are not very bright, but give off enough light to help you see if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

The package contains three lights that come with rechargeable batteries, which is a huge plus for me. The solar lights are made of plastic and are durable. They are waterproof, so can be left outside in the rain without any worries about them getting wet.

They can even be put into water, which is fantastic for a pool area. Each light has an adjustable panel that can be moved around to get the best sunlight for faster charging times. The lights also have an on/off switch that must be turned on before charging will begin. This is something that I didn’t know when I first opened them and I was trying to figure out why they weren’t charging.

9.ESEYE Solar Lights


  • Brand : ‎ESEYE
  • Package Dimensions : 5.1 x 5.1 x 4.9 inches
  • Color : ‎Rgb (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Shape : ‎Circular
  • Voltage : ‎1.2 Volts
  • Power Source :
  • Solar

ESEYE Solar Lights Outdoor Garden, ESEYE 4 Pack 18 LED Waterproof Solar Disk Ground Lights – Round Pool Floating Spotlights with Solar Panel for Decorative Backyard Driveway Lawn Path

The solar lights are a light green color. They are about 2 inches in diameter and about 1 inch high. In the center of it is a button to turn it on. On the other side there is a solar panel. It takes 8 hours to charge the battery. When they are fully charged they will be on continuously for 12 hours. They have an automatic sensor that detects darkness and turns them on automatically. The lights are made of white leds that give off a cool light.

They do not come with ground spikes but can be easily installed using small nails or screws. Since they are not heavy you do not need to worry about them falling off if some wind passes by or if someone bumps into them by accident.

These lights would be great for outdoor parties or camping trips. They could also be used as security lights outside your home if you live in an area where there isn’t much street lighting at night. They could make your backyard look nice at night too!

10.POP 4PK Solar Lights


  • Product Dimensions : 12 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.96 pounds
  • Brand : POP Design
  • ASIN : B06XKJ3J73
  • Country of Origin : China

The POP Design Floating Solar Pool Lights are a great way to add some light and flare to your swimming pool, hot tub, or even as garden/patio lights. These four solar-powered sphere lights can be used in or out of the water, and they easily inflate for an easy use. Each ball floats freely and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damage if one falls in the pool.

These outdoor lights are designed to charge during the day using their solar panels. Since they are powered by sunlight, there is no need for additional batteries or power cords. The solar balls come with a stake that can be planted into the ground or stuck into a planter to hang on a fence or railing.

The LED lights have four lighting modes (white, red, blue, green), so you can change up your look depending on the occasion. The lights will glow for up to eight hours on a full charge.

Things to consider before buying a best solar lights for pool area

Solar Power

  • Solar Power*

If you want to save electricity, you will need to consider how much power the solar lights are consuming. The most important thing is that the solar panels in this case can be small, since they do not have to collect a lot of energy. On the other hand, if you decide to buy a light bulb or ceiling lamp, then it should have a large solar panel with high power output so as not to be charged for a long time and not to turn off after just 2 hours.

  • Charge Time*

Some people do not like that the batteries are charging for several hours during the day. If this is your case, you can choose lamps with powerful solar panels that charge very quickly or choose lamps that turn on automatically when it gets dark (but they will cost more).

  • Battery Capacity*

You may think that all modern batteries have good capacity and there is no difference between one manufacturer and another – but this is only at first glance. As practice shows, some batteries can last up to 50% longer than others and therefore require less frequent recharging.

Bulb Type

  • LED bulbs, which are extremely energy-efficient and last for a long time
  • Halogen bulbs, which are inexpensive and give off a bright light but also consume a lot of energy compared to other types of bulbs • Incandescent bulbs, which are inexpensive but consume lots of energy • Fluorescent bulbs, which are relatively inexpensive and last for a long time but don’t give off as much light as other types of bulbs • OLED bulbs, which give off a natural light that’s similar to sunlight but they’re very expensive so they’re not good if you want something affordable
  • HID bulbs, which give off lots of light and are very energy-efficient but take up more space than other types • CCFL (Cold Cathode Flourescent Lights), which give off lots of light and are very energy-efficient but take up more space than other types
  • Plasma Bulbs (which is what we used in our solar lights because they’re the best kind), which can be expensive depending on where you get them from. But since we got ours at Walmart, it wasn’t too bad!


Solar lights can run the gamut in terms of quality and durability. For example, a solar path light that is made from high-quality cast aluminum will be much more durable than one that is made from plastic. Plastic is likely to crack or shatter if it suffers a hard blow or accident. Aluminum, on the other hand, is nearly unbreakable and could withstand most impacts.

As well, many top-of-the-line solar lights have features that make them able to withstand rain, wind, snow and ice better than others. The best solar lights for pool area have weatherproof seals around their controls and their light bulbs to keep out moisture that may damage sensitive electrical components and wiring. Any controls on the lights should be protected by weatherproof housing to keep water away from those parts as well.


Solar lights are not a one-size-fits-all purchase, and it’s important to take a variety of factors into consideration before you spring for your new solar lighting system. Choosing the best solar pool lights is ultimately about figuring out what features are most important to you.

For example, are you looking for waterproof solar pool lights? Are you hoping for easy installation? Are you interested in maximizing the safety benefits of your pool light? Or would it be better if the light offered more aesthetic value than anything else?

This article will help answer some of these questions and guide you on your search for your ideal solar pool light.

Safety and Security

When it comes to the safety of you and your family, nothing should be compromised. Therefore, the solar lights for pool area you buy should be able to provide the optimal safety for all your family members.

Best solar lights for pool area can come in really handy when it comes to illuminating a dark area. Whether you are setting up your patio or pool area, best solar lights for pool area can give an elegant touch while providing ample lighting.

However, before you go and buy any random product that looks good in the store, there’s more than just aesthetics that you need to consider while buying best solar lights for pool area. There are many factors that make up what is best solar lights for pool area.

  • The right brightness level: One of the most important factors that make up what is best solar lights for pool areas is the brightness level of its illumination. This factor plays a pivotal role in ensuring how safe and secure your outdoor space is going to be at night when lit by these best solar lights for pool areas

Solar lights for pool area are a great addition to any patio or deck

Solar lights for pool area are great for lighting up any outdoor setting. Whether you are just looking to add some extra light to your home, or want to make it look more appealing, solar lights for pool area can be a great addition.

Solar lights for pool area can be used in many different ways. There are solar lights for pool area that use LED technology, which is much brighter than regular light bulbs and they last much longer as well. Solar lights for pool area also come in various colors and shapes so you can find one that will fit into your decor perfectly. When choosing the right solar lights for pool area consider what kind of tone you want the room to have.


Solar lights for pool area are a great addition to any patio or deck. These convenient lights stay lit up all night long, making your home safe and secure. With the cost of electricity rising, solar power is a smart choice for consumers everywhere. If you’re looking for a great way to add lighting to your home that won’t break the bank, then solar lights are an affordable option worth considering.

Be sure to do some research before buying solar lights for pool area so you can be sure they will meet your needs and budget. Solar panels can be costly initially, but they will more than pay for themselves in the long run through lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs (they don’t require batteries!). Consider installing the panels yourself if possible: it’s usually easier than hiring someone else!

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