10 Best Outdoor Gate Lock Reviews & Guide in 2022

Best Outdoor Gate Lock

A good lock will help prevent intruders from entering your property and keep your family safe. The best outdoor gate lock is easy to install and use, durable, and reliable. In this article, we will give you some tips on choosing the best outdoor gate lock for your home.

When choosing a new lock, there are multiple factors that you should consider. The first is the material used in making the lock. Aluminum is a popular choice as it is lightweight yet durable. Another important factor is whether or not the lock comes with a keypad or combination code pad. You can choose one that has both or just one of these features depending on what you prefer.

Security should also be considered when buying an outdoor gate lock. To ensure maximum security, look for a model that comes with deadbolts which can be turned with a key or knob so that intruders cannot force their way through the door even if they manage to break through it.

1.National Hardware N109-080 N109080 Smart Key Gate Lock


  • Brand : National Hardware
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Metal
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 10.8 x 8.5 x 8.1 inches
  • Control Method : App

The National Hardware N109-080 N109080 Smart Key Gate Lock is a great addition to your home or office. Featuring a sleek black finish, this lock gives off an elegant style that you can use for many different applications. From gates to sheds and doors, this lock will have you covered in style.

The National Hardware N109-080 N109080 Smart Key Gate Lock is made out of steel so it can withstand the wear and tear of harsh weather conditions for long-lasting use. The weatherguard rust-resistant finish ensures that your lock will look great for years to come even with frequent exposure to moisture and precipitation.

Boasting a keyless entry system, this gate lock comes with two keys that provide easy access to your home or office. This means that you don’t have to worry about carrying around multiple keys with you as it has everything you need in one convenient package! The smart key system allows you to program up to four keys so they all work together seamlessly with your other locks as well!

This gate lock makes it easy for anyone to operate which means there’s no more fumbling around trying to find the right key or code when entering your.

2.Pacific Doorware Hook Deadbolt Mortise Gate Lock 


  • Brand : Pacific Doorware
  • Color :Aluminum
  • Material : Alloy Steel
  • Finish Type : Painted
  • Special Feature : Heavy Duty Gate Hardware

When you need a strong, durable deadbolt for your sliding gate, you should choose the Pacific Doorware Hook Deadbolt. This hook style lock is built to last and is perfect for gates that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. The hook style bolt provides extra security by pushing against the face of the gate as well as into the track, preventing someone from sawing off their way in.

This new model has been improved with 5/8” x 1-3/8” steel deadbolt and anti-saw hardened steel pin. This provides maximum resistance against sawing or cutting attempts. The solid construction also helps prevent breakage when attempting to pry open the lock with a crowbar or other tools.

The Pacific Doorware Hook Deadbolt comes complete with all of the necessary hardware including faceplate, 2 lock cylinders and 2 keys.

3.Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock (FM145)


  • Brand : Mighty : Mule
  • Special Feature : Bulldog Lock
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 9.2 x 10.9 x 3.2 inches
  • Lock Type : Keypad Lock
  • Item Weight : 7 Pounds

The Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock secures walk-through gates in a locked position. The Bulldog lock is mounted horizontally, and it locks the swinging pedestrian gate to a post or column. The Bulldog lock can be used with most brands of walk-through gates, including Mighty Mule, Woodmax and Larson products.

The Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock includes a keypad, push button control and two keys for manual release. The lock also includes 20’ of 16 Gauge Low Voltage Wire (LCV #12) for wiring from the gate to your controller or power supply. This low voltage wire is UL listed for use with solar panels and compatible with Mighty Mule Solar Panels including the 5 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM121) or 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123).

The Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock is compatible with a variety of Mighty Mule access controls, including the Mighty Mule Wireless Gate Entry Intercom/Keypad System (FM136).

4.JRE Gate Lock Boxes


  • Brand : JRE
  • Color : Stainless Steel
  • Material : Metal
  • Finish Type : Steel
  • Special Feature : Lockable

The Secure-Your-Gates™ Lock Box is an easy to install gate lock box, providing a secure lock box for your swing gate. This high quality lock box features a heavy duty all weather design that will protect your lock against all types of weather conditions. The lock box has a stainless steel finish and is protected by 14 gauge weldable steel.

The Secure-Your-Gates™ Lock Box comes with an improved hardware keyed deadbolt lock that has hidden interior screws to prevent tampering. The lock box also includes double keyed brass cylinders on both sides to help control access with Yale (Y-1) keyway. This means that when multiple locks are ordered in the same order, they can be keyed alike at no additional charge!

This lock box works on most swing gate designs, left or right hand swing and measures 3 1/2″ H x 4 1/4″ L x 1 1/2″ D overall size.

5.Scyan X10, 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock


  • Brand : SCYAN
  • Color : Satin Nickel
  • Material : Plastic, Zinc
  • Finish Type : Matte
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 6.5 x 6 x 4 inches

The smart phone APP make lock and user management easier than ever. Generate passcode on APP, share access with your guest and contractor. The smart phone APP make lock and user management easier than ever. Generate passcode on APP, share access with your guest and contractor.

Multiple Ways To Unlock: Advanced 5-in-1 unlock, Fingerprint, Passcode, FOB, Smartphone and Key. Adopt Semiconductor Fingerprint sensor, bringing you a fast & secure recognition system. Works perfect for kids and the elder. You don’t worry about forgetting to bring the key/smartphone

Illuminated Touchscreen with matte finish to protect against fingerprints and smudges. The fingerprint-resistant touchscreen ensures numbers won’t be detectable to intruders after repeated use – safeguarding your home

Variable Passcode: User can generate Limited Time, Permanent, One-time or Customized passcode as they wish; Using the automatic locking function, no worry about forgetting to lock the door when leaving.

6.Dong+ Glass Door Lock


  • Brand : Dong+
  • Material :Stainless Steel, Metal
  • Special Feature : Anti-theft
  • Lock Type : Key Lock

The Dong glass door lock is one of the most common locks used on doors and windows. This lock has a unique design and is made of iron, nickel or other metals. It is very strong and durable.

The Dong glass door lock can be used in any home or office environment where security is needed. The Dong glass door lock allows you to open the door with a key from the outside or inside without damaging the wall. When you install this type of lock on your door, it will protect you from anyone who tries to break into your home or office by using force or violence.

The Dong glass door lock comes in many colors so that you can choose which color best matches your decorating scheme. If you want to make sure that no one else can get into your home or office when you are away, then this is an excellent way to do it because they cannot just break through the glass with their bare hands like they could if there was no lock at all!

7.Ranbo 304 Stainless Steel Commercial-Home 10 mm -12 mm Glass Lock


  • Brand : Ranbo
  • Color : 801
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Finish Type : Coated
  • Special Feature : Anti-theft

Ranbo 304 Stainless Steel Commercial-Home 10 mm -12 mm Glass Lock is a very sturdy and beautiful lock. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. The lock is made of stainless steel, so it can be used in all weather conditions and is also rust proof.

The size of the lock is 3.25 x 2.5 inches, which makes it easy to install on any door or gate. This lock is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can use it on your patio doors or even on your front door if you want to protect your home from burglars!

This lock comes with a lifetime warranty and that means that if anything happens to this product within its lifetime, then you will get a brand new one without any questions asked!

8.Single Headed Electric Control Lock DC12V


  • Brand : Lv. life
  • Material : Material
  • Finish Type : Finish
  • Lock Type : Key Lock
  • Item Weight : 1465 Grams

Electric control lock, can be unlocked by a button indoors, and by a key outdoors, the unlocking direction is right forward. 0.1in thick lock body, highstrength spring, internal mechanical structure, low failure rate.

Safe & Reliable: Singleheaded electric lock with high quality plastic coil, which will not be burnt out under normal energization. DC12V voltage power supply, power on to work.

Widely Use: Singleheaded electric lock is an essential choice for family safety. Applicable to residential houses, public gates, institutions, schools, hostels, hotel buildings, factory warehouses etc..

Material: Electric Control Lock’s highquality and superior Iron Brushed materials are carefully selected, formal durable and corrosionresistant. Iron Brushed materials provide long service life very strong and steady it is more convenient and reliable for you to use.

9.Acogedor Glass Door Lock with Keys


  • Brand : Acogedor
  • Special Feature : Anti-theft
  • Shape : Round

This brand new and high quality glass door lock with aluminium alloy inner core is made from stainless steel with brushed craft and shiny appearance, it is of strong strength and long durability. With its solid round lock tongue controlled by mating keys for easy opening and closing, it applies to family homes, swing doors, office doors, hotel bathrooms and much more.

It can be widely used for home or office use, such as glass door, bathroom door, pantry door etc. The thickness of the product is about 12mm. It is suitable for 10~12mm thickness frameless glass door and tempered glass door.

This product is very simple to install when you are, and if you want to change to another door is also very easy to remove. In addition, it comes with 2 keys that are easy to use and can add security to your house!

10.LOCKLY PGD628FMB Secure Plus Latch Smart Door Lock


  • Brand : Lockly
  • Color : Matte Black
  • Material : Zinc
  • Finish Type : Matte
  • Special Feature : Fingerprint ,Smart Lock, Wifi

The world’s first anti-peep 3D fingerprint sensor with peek free technology. Never worry about your privacy being invaded again!

LOCKLY Smart Lock can recognize your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds, and unlock your door in 1 second. It’s faster than fumbling for your keys.

World’s first patented peek-proof keypad, displays an always shuffling set of numbers across 4 buttons and is different every time, so while your access code remains the same, the location of the numbers differs, making it nearly impossible for prying eyes to guess the correct code.

Lock/unlock, and manage your door access with your iOS/android smart phone, or by entering a preset access code on the digital keypad. backup physical keys and backup power options included in case of emergencies.

If you want to program new access codes and/or unlock the door while you’re a long distance away from your home, then you will need the wifi hub link Or if you want to use it with Alexa or google home.

Things to consider before buying a best outdoor gate lock


An outdoor gate lock’s durability is the most important thing to consider before buying a lock. Durability determines how long your gate lock will last and how much effort it takes to install. For example, if you have an older metal fence and want to replace it with a newer aluminum one, then you’ll want an aluminum gate lock that can easily fit into place without causing any damage or rusting over time. If you’re not sure about which materials are best for your needs, read on for our recommendations!

Easy installation

Another important factor to consider is the ease of installation. You need the product to be easy to install and use, with clear instruction manuals that provide step-by-step guidance on how to do so. This can be a difficult process if you are not familiar with installing these types of products or if you don’t have adequate technical knowledge in this area.

If your chosen product has clear instructions and diagrams, then you will know exactly what needs to be done during installation and which components should be connected together. In addition, ensure that you have sufficient space for installation purposes (i.e., if the lock box does not fit into your current gate design).

The size of your gate

The size of your gate is also an important factor to consider. The lock should match the size of your gate, otherwise it will not be able to perform properly. For example, if you have a medium-sized gate and purchase a large lock, then it won’t fit on that particular item. In this case, all you can do is return the product or get in touch with customer service for advice on how best to proceed.

Another thing worth noting here is that if your lock is too big or too small (in relation to the size of your gate), then it simply won’t work at all! So make sure before purchasing any product that both are compatible with each other and suited for each other’s needs/wants/goals etcetera etcetera ad infinitum ad nauseam ad nauseam ergo sumo Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Smart security

A smart lock is a little more complicated than a traditional lock, but it provides some pretty big benefits. Smart locks are controlled remotely and can send you notifications when someone is trying to enter. They’re also more expensive than traditional locks, but the extra cost will pay off if your gate gets broken into.

Smart locks have several advantages over traditional ones:

  • You can control them remotely by using an app on your phone or tablet (some even come with remotes).
  • You get notifications when someone attempts to unlock one remotely from outside your house (or tries any other method of entry). This gives you time to call police before anyone gets inside your home or business property without permission—and pieces together clues so they can catch whoever did it later down the line!

The material used for making the lock

  • The material used for making the lock.
  • Your budget.
  • How much you are willing to spend on a lock, which is typically influenced by your budget and your needs/requirements (e.g., if you need something that offers maximum security).
  • How much time do you have in mind, since some locks require installation while others don’t?

These are some things to consider before buying a best outdoor gate lock

  • Durability: The lock should be made of the best material to ensure durability.
  • Easy installation: The lock must be easy to install without requiring any special tools.
  • Size of your gate: The best outdoor gate locks come in various sizes and shapes especially, those for gates with curved back bars and arches or the ones that have no bars at all.
  • Smart security: You need a smart lock that will allow you access through voice commands or by using your fingerprint at home if you are not within reach of your phone or tablet.

These are some things to consider before buying a best outdoor gate lock


The main benefit of buying a best outdoor gate lock is that it will keep your home and family safe from intruders. You need to choose the right one for your needs before you purchase it, though. You can do this by considering the factors listed above when making your selection.

The best outdoor gate lock is one that has all the features you want at an affordable price. You can also find many great options on Amazon, so look there if you want something fast and easy!

The following points may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people don’t take these into account when buying an outdoor gate lock. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of buying a new gate lock, and not think about the more practical aspects of it. But if you remember these points, you can make sure that your new gate lock works perfectly for years to come!

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