10 Best Photo Sticks For Android Reviews & Guide in 2022

Best Photo Sticks For Android

What do you do when you regularly shoot a lot of high-resolution photos and videos, but don’t want to carry around a laptop or memory card reader? You can buy one of the best photo sticks for Android.

Photo stick is a flash drive designed to back up and move files from your phone to your computer and vice versa. Unlike regular flash drives, you don’t have to connect it via cable. Instead, you plug it directly into the USB port on your phone.

Photo sticks have become popular because they are portable and easy to use. They also make file sharing much easier as there’s no need for cables or WiFi connections. But with so many different models available on the market these days, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are some things that should be considered before buying one.

A selfie stick is a device that helps you take better selfies. It allows you to capture your own photos from a distance, and it’s a fantastic way to get more of your friends into the picture. With the right selfie stick, you can even take group selfies and include everyone in the shot.

There are many different types of selfie sticks available on the market today, but not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others when it comes to quality and features, so it’s important that you know what features to look out for when shopping around for a new one.

In this article we will be reviewing five different selfie sticks that we believe are some of the best options currently available on the market today. We’ve taken into account both price and quality when reviewing these products, as well as looking at any customer reviews available online so that we can provide you with an unbiased breakdown of each product in question.

The first product on our list is the Joby GripTight GorillaPod Selfie Stick Tripod Kit (Amazon link). This product comes with everything that you need to get started taking great quality photos from a distance, including an extendable.

1.Sttarluk Photo Stick USB 3.0 Pen Drive


  • Color : 1TB Purple
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 1 TB
  • Brand : STTARLUK
  • Hardware Interface : USB 3.0
  • Read Speed : 80 Megabytes Per Second

The Starluk Photo Stick USB 3.0 Pen Drive is a portable storage device that allows you to transfer files between your computer and smart devices without the need for cables.

The Starluk Photo Stick is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, which provides high-speed data transmission of up to 5 Gbps and backwards compatibility with USB 2.0. The photo stick also supports password protection, so you can keep your data safe while using the device on the go.

You can use the Starluk Photo Stick as a backup device or to share photos with friends on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Simply plug it into your smartphone’s port and send photos to it via app.

The free app has one-click backup function so you don’t have to worry about losing precious memories when you’re on vacation or at work!

2.Avomoco 3.1 128GB 3 in 1 High Speed Flash Drive


  • Color : Blue
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Brand : AVOMOCO
  • Hardware Interface : USB 3.0
  • Flash Memory Type : Memory Stick PRO Duo

The Avomoco 3.1 128GB 3 in 1 High Speed Flash Drive is a portable flash memory device with a built-in USB interface that works with Android Smart Phone, for Samsung Galaxy, for Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/Note 5/Note 4 and other Android smartphones and tablets. It can be used as an external storage device to save large files such as videos, photos and music.

It also has an external USB port which allows you to connect it directly to your PC or laptop computer via USB cable.This means that you don’t need to use the internal memory on your phone or tablet at all, which can potentially increase the available space on your device over time.

The flash drive comes with a protective cap that protects its connector when not in use and there’s also an additional adhesive pad included should you want to stick it somewhere instead of using the cap.

3.Cleverdan [4-in-1] iPhone and Android 128GB Photo Stick USB 3.0 Flash Drive


  • Color : Black
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Brand : Cleverdan
  • Hardware Interface : USB
  • Flash Memory Type : Flash

The CleverDrive is an all-in-one 128GB Portable Flash Drive, which can be used with any of your devices. You can transfer data between your iOS or Android device, or even use it as a backup to your computer. The CleverDrive comes in 4 different colors: black, white, blue and green. The color you choose will depend on your favorite color.

The CleverDrive has built-in USB 3.0 technology with read speeds up to 100MB/s, so it’s fast enough to play any video file on your device! It also features an embedded memory card slot allowing you to easily expand your storage capacity by up to 128GB (microSD card not included). The embedded memory card slot also allows you to save photos and videos directly from your camera or smartphone without needing to connect it to a computer!

The CleverDrive allows for easy access by simply plugging it into any available USB port on your computer or laptop and then dragging and dropping files from one location to another! This makes it great for backing up all your important files like photos, videos and music! In addition, you can use it as an external hard drive.

4.Vansuny 128GB Type C Flash Drive 2 in 1 OTG USB 3.0 Drive


  • Color : 1Pack
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Brand : Vansuny
  • Hardware Interface : USB 3.0
  • Flash Memory Type : Memory Stick Duo

The Vansuny 128GB Type C Flash Drive 2 in 1 OTG USB 3.0 Drive is a must have for those who need to transfer large files. This flash drive is compatible with all devices that support Type-C interface, including MacBook, Chromebook Pixel and Nexus 5X / 6P.

The Vansuny 128GB Type C Flash Drive 2 in 1 OTG USB 3.0 Drive also works as an SD card reader when connected to your laptop. It is easy to use, just plug it into the Type-C port of your laptop (or car audio) and you’re ready to go!

This flash drive is equipped with a high-speed USB 3.0 interface that can transfer data at a speed of up to 150MB/s, which allows users to save time on file transfers.

The Vansuny 128GB Type C Flash Drive 2 in 1 OTG USB 3.0 Drive supports backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and has an aluminum alloy case that helps protect it from damage caused by dust or water splashes.

5.Sunany USB Flash Drive 256GB, Photo Stick Drive


  • Color : Blue
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 256 GB
  • Brand : Sunany
  • Hardware Interface : USB 3.0
  • Read Speed : 80 Megabytes Per Second

The Sunany USB flash drive is the perfect storage solution for your business, home and school. It’s a small, lightweight and portable tool that allows you to carry your favorite movies, music files or important documents on the go.

Ultra-fast Speed: The Sunany USB flash drive supports quick data access speed and file transfer speed, which makes it perfect for transferring large files between different computers without having to wait long.

One-click Backup: With the backup function of this memory stick, you can easily back up all your files in one click. The encrypted password protected private files will not be accessible by others even if they accidentally delete them.

Watch Video Directly and Share to Social Media: With the built-in media player on this USB flash drive, you can easily play videos directly from it without having to download any third party software. You can even upload videos directly from this memory stick onto social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube!

Multi-port and Supports More Devices: This multifunctional drive features an SD / SDHC / MMC slot, which allows you to expand its capacity by up to 32GB; at the same time, it also comes with a USB Type A port.

6.iDiskk MFI Certified 256GB Photo Stick Drive


  • Memory Storage Capacity : 256 GB
  • Brand : IDiskk
  • Hardware Interface : USB Type C

With the iDiskk MFI Certified 256GB Photo Stick Drive, you will never run out of space. You can backup photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad to the flash drive.

The iDiskk MFI Certified 256GB Photo Stick Drive supports automatic photo or video backup from iOS devices. This means that as soon as you plug in the stick, it will begin backing up all photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad without you having to do anything. This is a great way to free up storage on your mobile device.

The iDiskk MFI Certified 256GB Photo Stick Drive offers an easy and speedy way to transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad and computers. Let you free up memory on your mobile devices without using a cable or iCloud.

7.PrairieIT PhotoStick 128GB Drive


  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Brand : PrairieIT
  • Hardware Interface : USB

The PhotoStick is a simple and secure way to store your photos. It’s the perfect solution for people who want to free up space on their computer, but don’t want to move their photos off their computer.

The PhotoStick is a small device that plugs into your computer’s USB port. You can use it with any Mac or PC. There’s no software to install and nothing else required – just plug in your PhotoStick and start saving photos!

The PhotoStick doesn’t store your photos online, so there are no security issues with storing them on this device. The PhotoStick works on both Mac and Windows computers, so you don’t need to worry about which operating system you’re using.

The PhotoStick is designed to be used with a large number of photos at once – up to 60,000 average size photos or videos (or 30 minutes of video or 1GB of audio). The PhotoStick stores files at high speed so it will only take 10 minutes to find 1,000 images or videos and save them onto your PhotoStick – no matter how many duplicates exist in your library.

8.ZARMST Flash Drive for iPhone 256GB


  • Color : Sky Blue
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 256 GB
  • Brand : ZARMST
  • Hardware Interface : USB 3.0
  • Read Speed : 80 Megabytes Per Second

High quality aluminum frosted ZARMST usb c flash drive comes in a true 4 IN 1 Design, it has 4 built-in ports (USB-C, iPhone Port, Micro USB and Standard USB A Connector) with no additional adapters to make it more stable.

ZARMST Memory Stick provides an easy and fast way to transfer all kinds of files. Up to 80M/S Read and 30M/S Write Speeds.

One end is USB Type C interface and a 3 in 1 interface on the other, which is not only compatible with most IOS devices (such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook) Android devices (Type C or Old Style Micro USB models), but also compatible with PC, Macbook Air/Pro/Pro Retina/Macbook Pro Retina 12″ (2015)/Macbook Pro 13″ 2017 /Surface Book 2/Surface Pro 4/Surface Laptop 2(2017)/MacBook Pro 15″ 2016 /MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 /iPad Pro 11″ 2018 /iPad Pro 12.9″.

With this high speed USB 3.0 flash drive, you can easily copy files between devices or share photos & videos with friends without worrying about the compatibility issues of these different devices anymore!

9.Picture Keeper Connect 64GB Portable Flash Drive


  • Color : Silver
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 64 GB
  • Brand : Picture Keeper
  • Hardware Interface : USB
  • Flash Memory Type : USB

The Picture Keeper Connect 64GB Portable Flash Drive is designed for easy, on-the-go data management and sharing. Whether you’re looking for a way to back up your iPhone photos, videos or contacts; this memory stick will give you the convenience of storing and transporting all of your content in one place. Just plug in, open the app and tap “start back-up” and our flash drive does the rest!

This portable flash drive comes with an additional USB connector so you can use it with your Mac computer as well as PCs. The Picture Keeper Connect flash drive also includes an SD card adapter so that you can easily transfer files from your camera to your computer or vice versa.

The Picture Keeper Connect 64GB flash drive offers plenty of storage space for backing up all of your photos, videos and more. You’ll never miss another important moment because you were running out of space again!

10.AUAMOZ Memory Drive 512GB Photo Stick Compatible 


  • Color : USB3.0-512GB-Orange
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 512 GB
  • Brand : AUAMOZ
  • Hardware Interface : USB 3.0, Memory Stick Select
  • Read Speed : 80 Megabytes Per Second

AUAMOZ Memory Drive 512GB Photo Stick Compatible with PC & Phone is a high-end digital camera flash drive. It’s perfect for storing photos and videos from your mobile phone and transferring them to your computer easily. The AUAMOZ Memory Drive 512GB Photo Stick provides a lot of space for storing your favorite photos, videos, music and much more. This flash drive supports high-speed data transfer and works great with any device that has a USB port.

Instant Plug-And-Play 512GB Flash Storage One-Click Backup of Photos & Videos from the camera. Plug to Play and Data Transfer on the Go. Free Up Your mobile phone device and PC Data Transfer and Storage More Photos & Videos.

Phone Flash Drive Transfer Speed Directly plugs into your mobile phone port and USB port, experience up to 80 MB/s reading and 30 MB/s writing speed with USB port. Enjoy the whole relaxing trip with never stuttering or buffering video play on.

Things to consider before buying a best photo sticks for android


The best photo sticks for android must have a high quality. It’s quite obvious that the best photo sticks for android must be of good quality, otherwise how can it store all your precious memories?

The best photo sticks for android must have a good storage capacity. If you are looking forward to storing lots of photos and videos in your mobile phone then make sure that the memory card has enough space available to accommodate all your data without any limitation or error messages popping up every now and then!

The best photo sticks for android must be compatible with the Android smartphones as well as other devices like cameras, laptops etcetera because there are different types of Android phones in the market today so they may not work on every device out there without any issues whatsoever!

USB ports

USB ports are used to connect the device to a computer and other devices. They allow you to charge the device, transfer data between devices, and connect it to a power source.


You should check the compatibility of your photo sticks with your android device before buying it. This is because there are many types of photo sticks available in the market and each type has a different compatibility. So, it is important to know whether your photo stick will work with your smartphone or not.

The main factors that affect the compatibility of a photo stick with an Android device are:

  • The operating system version
  • The hardware configuration of your android device

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the photo stick is an important consideration, as it dictates how much information you can store on your device. The amount of storage space you need will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • How many photos do you capture?
  • How many videos do you capture?
  • Do you store music files or playlists on your device?
  • How many documents do you want to save on the stick? This includes PDFs, spreadsheets and other text-based files. If not storing any documents then this question does not apply to you.
  • How many apps do I want to install onto my device? Some apps require more memory than others – for example games are usually larger than productivity apps like QuickBooks Online Mobile App (which requires only 5MB). If none at all then this question does not apply either!


  • Make sure you understand the warranty. This is something you should make a priority in order to protect yourself from any unforeseen issues with your product.
  • The length of a warranty is usually one year, although some companies offer extended warranties for an additional fee.
  • If there’s damage due to poor workmanship or materials, the manufacturer will replace it at no cost. Some companies only cover manufacturing defects, which means if your photo stick malfunctions within six months of purchase but doesn’t have any obvious problems with its construction or materials, they won’t cover it under warranty (but they might be able to give you another discounted price on a replacement).
  • You can get in touch with the manufacturer by calling their customer service number or emailing them directly through their website (if available).

Design and size

When choosing a photo stick, it’s important to consider the size and design. You need to make sure that it will be compact enough to carry around with you. You also want to choose a photo stick that has a design that you like or that fits your phone.


  • Price is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a photo stick for android. The price of the best photo sticks for android should not be too high, but it also cannot be too low. If you have a small budget and still want to get an excellent product, then you can pick up one that costs less than $50. If your budget allows more spending and you want something with more features, then opt for one that costs over $100.

FAQs about the best photo sticks for android

You’re probably wondering:

  • What are the different types of photo sticks for android?
  • How do they work?
  • Are they worth it?

We’ve got you covered. Below, we answer some of our readers most pressing questions about these handy devices, so you can make an informed decision before purchasing your own photo stick.

When seeking to buy the best photo sticks for android , it is really important that you look at the above-mentioned factors

When seeking to buy the best photo sticks for android , it is really important that you look at the above-mentioned factors.

  • Quality: When looking at the quality of your photo stick, you need to ensure that it will be able to last for as long as possible. The material used should also be durable and resistant against wear and tear.
  • USB ports: You want to make sure that your device has enough USB ports so that you can connect multiple devices simultaneously without any issues or disruptions. In addition, having two or more ports will allow you to charge all of your devices at once without worrying about running out of power in one particular port faster than another one because there are no other devices connected on it yet!
  • Compatibility: Your device needs to be compatible with both Android phones and iPhones as well as tablets so that everyone who uses these types of devices can use it whenever they need charging!


We hope that this article has been helpful to you. It is important to remember that when choosing the best photo sticks for android, it’s important to consider your needs and budget. In some cases, you may want a more expensive model if it suits your specific requirements.

In summary, we recommend taking into account the following:

  • Which operating system are you using? Do you want an Android device or an iOS device? Remember that there is no real difference between these two operating systems in terms of picture quality or features; they simply have different interfaces so choose whichever suits your preference better!
  • These are the factors you should look for in a USB photo stick. It is also important to note that the number of photos and videos your phone can store will depend on the size of the storage capacity.

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